Colombia a country in latino america know for it's natural beaty, the coffee and their really nice people.


Idioms "almost universal".Edit

this are some of the idioms that might be found troughout most of the colombian country.

Pet names:Edit

  • Marica: eventough the literal translation will be something like faggot; in the colombian conuntry it have became a kind of a pet name like the word dude is used by someone. So if you find a friend or people you just know and they say hello like "hola marica" he is not calling you fag, he is just saying hi.
  • Cagón: a way to refer to a small kid in a rader a despective way.
  • Culicagado: a synonym to cagón.
  • Liso: a way to call people who like to steal.
  • Lampara: someone who likes to call atention


  • Ábrase: it might be freely translate as Fuck off in most of the sutations.
  • Bacano: something nice. It can refer to a person, a situation or even an object.
  • Dar Garra: a way to help undestand this concept it to think about something you use to do alot in your free time, when you realice you have exeed yourserlf with something yo might use this word like "me doy mucha garra jugando a zelda".
  • La verga (sometimes "que verga"): it's can be try to get translate  
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